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My Hair Journey

Avalla Sherice Henning also known as “Princess A.V.” is a modern day renaissance woman. An accomplished singer, actress, writer, director, dancer, model, and graphic designer only touches the surface of the many talents she embodies.

Avalla was born in Chicago and possesses an Associates of Arts Degree from Olive Harvey College and a Graphic Arts Certificate from Computer Training Institute of Chicago. She is currently studying Application Development at Harvard University and Broadcasting at Illinois Media School.

Avalla is an entrepreneur. She is the owner A.V. Graphics & Designs; which is a design and printing company, A Wonderful Event; an event coordinating company, Cincerely Yours, Inc.; an entertainment company providing management and promotion, and now the debut of Royalty Beauty Brands company providing eyelashes and hair weave, and beauty products.

Avalla’s interest in hair care started at a young age. As a child she took her Barbie and Cabbage Patch dolls, and designed their hair. For years, one of her prized possessions was her “Cabbage Patch Kid with Growing Hair”. When she was around 8 years old whenever allowed, she started styling her own hair. By her high school years she started learning how to do her friends’ hair, and it was only up from there. 

With inspiration from the famous McDonald family at Chazann Salons, Avalla sparked interest in hair weaving during her teenage years. The groundbreaking techniques and hair miracles she witnessed made her very intrigued in learning the hair business. Later, in her early college years, she went on to apprentice with them and learn elite weaving techniques, including hand wefting tracks.

As Avalla grew into her own skin, she started print modeling aside from her acting. One thing she discovered along the way is hair modeling. For years she would always be enamored by hair shows, but never thought she would get into that field. Avalla walked her first hair show with Tammie “Hollywoodstylz”, and that would create years of partnership and friendship. From there she had modeled in multiple magazines, videos, and hair tutorials.

Avalla’s biggest and most important accomplishments are her children. She is a single mother of two children; Her son; a senior in College and a daughter; a senior in High school. 

Avalla has always been known as a dreamer and a hard worker. In the future, she hopes to start her own non-for-profit and work on more tech projects as she chases her goals in being a mogul. Though times have been rough on this journey, she keeps going because she believes that “All things are possible through Christ… “ and he continues to lead her way.

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